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Family Law

  Custody Evaluations
  Parenting Consultation
  Dependency Issues
  Battered Woman Syndrome
  Parental Alienation

Criminal Law

  Competency to Proceed
  Waiver of Rights
  Sentencing Issues
  Violence Risk
Personal Injury Law

  Neuropsychological Assessment
  Trauma Evaluation
  Issues Related to Injury
Probate Law

  Court Appointed Member of
    County Examining Committee
  Capacity Evaluations
  Undue Influence Examinations


  Psycho-Educational Evaluations for Learning Disabilities
  Memory Problems
  Personality Disorders
  Consults to Psychiatrists, Attorneys, and Schools


  Individual Therapy
  Couples Therapy
It involves the application of psychological research, theory, practice and specialized methodology to provide information relevant to a legal question.

Custody Evaluations are considered one of the most complex and challenging of all forensic evaluations. This evaluation involves numerous parties, as well as multiple issues in the best interest of the child. Dr. Heller offers opinions on the physical placement of the child, the time sharing between the parents, and makes recommendations for the healthy development of the family and the child. Recommendations are made in clear, understandable language that can be effectively implemented.

Dependency. Questions may arise as to the parental competence or fitness of the parent. Issues are explored for the best interest of the child. Recommendations are offered for rehabilitation of the parent if needed.

Battered Woman Syndrome and Parental Alienation. Having experience with the passage of law in the area of Domestic Violence and Sexual Molestation, these evaluations are conducted to determine the dynamics of the abuse and offer recommendations to the court for protection of the victims.
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Competency. Both juveniles and adults may need to be examined for their competency to proceed in a court of law. Assessments are conducted to determine the defendant's waiver of rights, as well as their criminal responsibility. Mitigating circumstances may surface during the assessment which can be significant during the sentencing phase.

The psychologist can be asked to determine one's risk for violence or spousal abuse. The assessment gathers pertinent data to assist the court in determining a level of dangerousness.
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Assessment of brain-behavior relationships and Trauma. Following a serious accident, individuals may realize memory loss or cognitive impairments. Assessments are designed to determine the extent of injury. The report concludes with realistic recommendations to assist in the patient's accommodation to their injury. Suggestions are given for the adult returning to work, as well as the child who may realize difficulties as they return to the classroom.

Following a serious encounter that chances serious injury or death, individuals may experience elements of trauma which need to be evaluated. Upon completion of the examination and effective treatment, suggestions follow.
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Understanding Incapacity. The elderly in our society deserve to be protected. During the aging process, they may experience mental decline in memory and executive functioning. Assessment may be needed to assist in providing guardianship, as well as understanding for the family into the capacity of their loved one.

Undue Influence. There are times when an individual may try to unduly influence a ward to part with assets planned for other needs or parties. Evaluations can assist the families in securing and directing the wishes of the ward to go to the rightful parties or resource.
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Psycho-Educational Evaluation. As children embark on their educational career, questions may arise regarding the Gifted Program or Learning Disabilities. Having conducted evaluations for over 35 years, Dr. Heller's professionally prepared assessment provides seasoned insight and skill. Most children enjoy the evaluation process in our office. Dr. Heller does all testing himself and prepares the report, which includes an understanding of the tests, the results, and how to develop an Individualized Educational Plan for the child. Specific learning disabilities are addressed in the testing and school plan.
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Personality Assessment. At times, the court may request an evaluation of personality, seeking the possibility of any pathology. Having extensive experience in the courts, Dr. Heller can provide the information sought to assist in answering the legal question.

Treatment. Once a differential diagnosis is determined, recommendations are offered for therapy. A Cognitive-Behavioral approach is utilized as the individual and therapist work on real life issues and feelings in an attempt to master and/or accommodate to the difficulties causing stress and concern in daily living.
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